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Process Monitor – supervision of the production in real time

By the activation of the software tool Process Monitor it is possible to make the AOI system an active part of the quality management process. The test and process data of the currently manufactured and inspected boards won by the AOI system are introduced into the Process Monitor. The definition of a very short consideration period ensures that the supervision remains close to the process and series defects are recognized early. Both the inspection interval and the fault threshold are freely configurable. If the fault threshold value is exceeded the AOI system releases automatically a quiet alarm or a production stop.

Data exchange between AOI system and MES

LVInspect has a flexible software interface which allows the mutual data exchange between LaserVision systems and external manufacturing management systems (MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems). Via this interface the test and process data won by the inspection system flow directly into the MES. At the same time LVInspect can put inquiries to a MES and receive answers (e.g. releases).

Automatic program adaption for new layout variants

Layout changes belong to everyday work routine in PCB production. With the software assistant CAD-Overlay it is possible to take over wide parts of an existing test program for new layout variants. This reduces the expenditure for new programming significantly. User can adapt a 1:1 copy of the existing test program to the new variant or define different test steps according to different variants in the existing test program. The whole program modification is fully dialogue-based. Furthermore, the software assistant takes over the comparison between the CAD data and recognizes the layout differences automatically.

Efficient inspection of multiple printed panel

In the PCB assembly it is common to produce large multiple printed panel consisting of a huge number of single printed panels. Usually these single printed panels are shifted, rotated or freely arranged to each other. This influences the programming effort in a significant way. In these cases the software assistant UUT-Wizard (Unit-Under-Test-Wizard) makes the creation of test programs easier since only one single test program has to be made for the single printed panel. With the help of the software, the tests for all other single printed panel arise automatically based on their exact position defined by the user. The UUT-Wizard leads the user step by step – from selecting the multiple printed panel to generation of the offsets in case of a regular grid up to the setting of the offset adjustment and position.

Variant manager

The LVInspect variant manager offers the possibility to manage different variants of a test program comfortably within LVInspect without having to edit special files for this.

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