Functional Test (FCT)

Functional Test At Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch

A functional test is used to test the functionality of printed circuit boards and systems. This may be carried out between individual production steps or as test at the end of the production process.

Functional tests are becoming more and more important in modern production of electronic equipment. The main reason for this is that the ratio of in-circuit test is declining due to limited contactability and an increasing number of customer-specific ICs.

Our offer – customer-oriented solutions

We offer customer-specific as well as universally usable functional test solutions for a wide range of industry-specific applications: Whether in the automotive, telecommunications, industrial electronics, power electronics, medical, military or aerospace sector – Prüftechnik Schneider & Koch is the solution provider for individual requirements.

Services and applications
Generation of test programs, construction of test equipment and individual fixtures

Functional test system Ti2CA Compact and functional test system Ti2GER C.

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