The software systems which are applied for the MachineVision projects are at the same time the basis of the LaserVision AOI system and therefore successfully approved over many years in mass production as well as in small-series production. By application specific configuration this mature software is used as a basis for special inspection tasks. In particular, the solder joint examination on THT components as well as the display-test have to be mentioned in MachineVisions’s wide range of application.

Test of selective soldered THT solder joints

The parameters of THT solder joints to be tested can be set according to the standard IPC 610. It is possible to integrate the MachineVision solution LaserVision Selective into selective soldering installations as well as into inline conveyor roads and customer-specific environments.


Displays belong to the most important elements of modern user interfaces today. They belong to the everyday life, wherever humans step into contact with machines (human-machine-interface). Displays allow monitoring as well as operation of machines and process intervention.

With MachineVision displays such as dot matrix, multi-segment, LCD and LED can be reliably tested. Each dot is examined for brightness and contrast. In addition, a combination with an electrical test is possible.

Test of selectively soldered THT solder joints

Standard testing routines for solder joint examination on THT components:

  • Wetting scope
  • Presence of pins
  • Solder cone
  • Recognizing bores and holes
  • Short-circuit test (solder bridges)
  • Solder beads


High test reliability is achieved by assessment of the background of each segment / dot in OFF mode so that dirt particles, faulty points or air inclusions in protective film can be almost fully eliminated. Production tolerances are automatically balanced by means of exact position, rotation and stretching correction of the display.

  • Reading of the display content
  • Contrast behaviour
  • Uniform lighting
  • Function test of each segment of LED / LCD / multisegment or dot matrix displays