LaserVision Compact 4

AOI-System LaserVision Compact 4

The new generation of AOI tabletop systems

In spite of its compact size, the LaserVision Compact 4 tabletop system offers technical characteristics that were to be found up to now only in large inline systems.

Industriepreis 2013 - Best Of

Heart of the system is the rotating camera head with four side looking cameras in addition to the top camera to inspect circuit boards and components of any mounting angle (360° panoramic view).

360° panoramic view on all components – AOI with the right twist

Speed for high throughput

The LaserVision Compact 4 stands out due to a particularly high test speed. On the one hand the speed advantages are based on the use of a new axis technology which works at a walking speed of 600 mm/s and an acceleration of up to 1 g. On the other hand the simultaneous rotation of all side looking cameras by +/- 45 ° in 1 ° steps allow to reach any view angle in a shorter time than a single camera could perform a full 360° rotation.

New lighting concept

Rotation Camera Head LaserVision Compact 4

The camera modules are equipped with innovative optics and provide pin sharp pictures. A new lighting concept which consists of a total of 10 independently programmable lighting units contributes to the high image quality. Eight lateral lighting modules, one top light and a coaxial light, at which light is brought in by the objective, create optimum conditions for exact measurements. Together with the application of a telecentric lens images turn out to be very sharp, distortion-free and without parallax errors.


  • color sensor module with telecentric lens
  • rotation camera head with four side cameras in addition to the top camera (optionally)
  • lighting unit consisting of individually programmable modules
  • automatic drawer
  • flexible adapter for PCBs
  • automatically retractable front panel to ease handling
  • enlarged working area
  • controller for real-time processing


  • High efficiency and examination depth down to 01005/0.3 mm pitch even for small series and a wide product range
  • Fast and comfortable test program generation
  • Low pseudo fault rate due to flexible illumination and telecentric lens
  • Reduced serial debugging effort due to optimized component recognition
  • Uniform software with free software updates
  • User-oriented illumination profiles for various test criteria
  • Lateral cameras optional
  • Open interface for external QS systems / MES
  • Offline-programming, offline debug with original test images

Application Areas

  • Examination for presence and polarity of THT and SMD components
  • Examination of packing angles from 0-360°
  • Exact component position (offset, angle)
  • Solder joint examination on all components (SMD and THT)
  • Short-circuit test (solder bridges)
  • Co-planarity and components height measurement via laser (optional)
  • Component character verification
  • Display test (dot matrix, Multi-Segment, LCD, LED)
  • Barcode reading via camera
  • Setup verification / initial sample testing
  • Solder paste inspection