LaserVision Compact 3

AOI-System LaserVision Compact 3

Economic introduction into AOI

LaserVision Compact 3 offers an economic introduction into Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).

As a standalone table top system the LaserVision Compact is fitted to specific requirements and particularly suited for the following areas of application:

  • small and test series
  • repair station
  • initial sample testing
  • incoming goods inspection

Adaptations to individual requirements are possible at any time.


  • colour sensor module with telecentric lens
  • automatic drawer
  • flexible adapter for PCBs
  • lighting unit consisting of individually programmable modules
  • optionally with side view function


  • High efficiency and examination depth down to 01005/0.3 mm pitch even for small series and a wide product range
  • Fast and comfortable test program generation
  • Low pseudo fault rate due to flexible illumination and telecentric lens
  • Reduced serial debugging effort due to optimized component recognition
  • Uniform software with free software updates
  • User-oriented illumination profiles for various test criteria
  • Lateral cameras optional
  • Open interface for external QS systems / MES
  • Offline-programming, offline debug with original test images

Application Areas

  • Examination for presence and polarity of THT and SMD components
  • Examination of packing angles from 0-360°
  • Exact component position (offset, angle)
  • Solder joint examination on all components (SMD and THT)
  • Short-circuit test (solder bridges)
  • Co-planarity and components height measurement via laser (optional)
  • Component character verification
  • Display test (dot matrix, Multi-Segment, LCD, LED)
  • Barcode reading via camera
  • Setup verification / initial sample testing
  • Solder paste inspection