Complete test solution in one appliance

To optimize testing depth, test methods can also be combined. Combination of electrical test and optical test results in considerable savings with regard to handling effort and space requirement. In addition, the joined repair station concept and statistic evaluation will optimize processes and reduce costs.

Extension of the optical test

Due to its modular construction the CombiVision system can be equipped with additional measuring and stimulus components and be configured according to specific application requirements. This extends the test coverage to the effect that also display modules such as displays screens and LEDs can be visually checked during the electrical examination and mechanical as well as electric adjustments can be carried out.

It is also possible to integrate acoustic tests and other test technologies like BondaryScan. Furthermore push buttons of the PCB can be pressed via pneumatic pistons.

The result is a better testing depth than for conventional AOI systems, and as a consequence high product quality at lower overall costs.

Various functional tests on PCBs can be carried out in addition to the optical test.


  • examination of display modules such as displays screens and LEDs
  • electrical tests, e.g. ICT, FCT, BoundaryScan, on-board programming etc.
  • acoustic tests
  • mechanical adjustments, e.g. by pressing buttons via pneumatic pistons