Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

AOI-System LaserVision Inline With Operator

Optical test procedures do not depend on the electrical contacting and are therefore particularly suitable for checking the production process. They can be used to identify and eleminate faults in time. The common manual visual inspection becomes unnecessary.

Our leading edge

LaserVision AOI systems offer an economic introduction into Automatic Optical Inspection. All systems are designed for checking the placement and soldering process. This is valid for conventional placement of leaded components (THT) as well as for SMD components. Production faults such as missing or incorrectly mounted components as well as open solder joints and short circuits can be reliably recognized without major programming effort.

LaserVision AOI systems and their performances

LaserVision has a modular system architecture. To be able to correspond to any kind of electronics manufacturing, we offer the following system variations:

Standalone and in-line systems

LaserVision Standalone, LaserVision Inline, LaserVision Twin

Tabletop systems

LaserVision Compact 4, LaserVision Compact 3, LaserVision Compact Twin

special-purpose solutions

MachineVision, CombiVision

  • AOI-System LaserVision Compact 4 LaserVision Compact 4
  • AOI-System LaserVision Compact Twin LaserVision Compact Twin
  • AOI-System LaserVision Inline LaserVision Inline
  • AOI-System LaserVision Standalone LaserVision Standalone
  • LaserVision LED LaserVision LED